Diary of a Mad Sojourner II

I had not quite yet made up my mind on where next to go. I was here now, worn out, in this large barnhouse to which I returned when the constant adventure grew tedious. It was a sorrow and guilt so encompassing that beclouded my thoughts. I was here now, few metres away from where … Continue reading Diary of a Mad Sojourner II


Diary of A Mad Sojourner

The fogginess of the night before disappeared as I roused myself from my 'bed'. Well, it was a few yards of cloths over straw but it was mine, and that wasn't something I could say of much. Staggering out of the barn door, I made my way down to the brook that bordered the few … Continue reading Diary of A Mad Sojourner


Once, a story was told of two souls who were born of blood not unalike. The patriach had married a blond white, the union from which a son came to be. Dusk settled on her skies too soon and stumbling over his great grief, he fell into arms so prepossessing; and skin, a darker shade … Continue reading Obscurity


​I had fallen. Bruised. Battered. Tired. Scarred. Charred by the flame I let breathe. So forbidden a fruit it was. So smitten a heart it grew. So shameful a desire  Even more sinful the treacherous leer that hid so well in 'harmless' care. The veil had to descend south of the eyes. The blocks once … Continue reading Hooded


​It dosen't hurt. Yet. The way you left. The plans we made that'll never see the light of day. The kisses we stole from the hours, bises that simply reach into my soul, turning our fiery flame to deep-burning coals. The moments so blissful, they tug at my heart, perhaps demanding they be mourned over, … Continue reading Dark


​The notepad lounged on the couch His body lay prone just a few inches from it, 'quill' at hand And then...nothing. The stubble made contact with the flesh sheltering a weary heart  Air rising and forcing it's way out into the open And thus ended yet another battle Weapons so clean, not a drop of … Continue reading Nadir


How oft when men are at the point of deathHave they been merry! which their keepers callA lightning before death: O, how may ICall this a lightning? O my love! my wife!Death, that hath suck'd the honey of thy breath,Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty:Thou art not conquer'd; beauty's ensign yetIs crimson in … Continue reading Romeo.


The silent communicator between the beautiful couple strolling in the park.   Envelopes the family of three sprawled on the green sipping cold beer and being of good cheer.                   The bride and groom at the altar look in each other’s eyes and find it dancing around … Continue reading Love